Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists work with children on increasing independence in everyday activities. We assess and analyse where issues are arising and causing barriers, if they are physical, emotional, social or sensory.

Speech Pathology

Speech pathologists work in the areas of communication and swallowing disorders. They also assist children and families in reaching optimal function in social settings and getting along with peers by developing play and social skills.


Our dietitian Justine offers individual sessions and joins our Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist for our food learning clinics. Justine assists families in assessing and planning appropriate nutrition via food or supplements.

Equine & Animal Assisted Therapists

Our Equine-Assisted Therapy sessions focus on therapy goals within activities of equine care and handling. We offer training for other OTs based on our years of experience and practical approaches.

Making Sessions Work

After your therapy assessment you are welcome to consider indoor and outdoor, social and vocational style programs and clinical centre based appointments for OT, Speech Pathology, Functional & Social Skills Groups. We have a dedicated mental health team, parent and teen coaching, an eating service and home modifications & equipment service. We also have experienced clinicians working with horses and farm animals providing Barefoot’s Animal & Equine-Assisted Therapy. Other outdoor services include Sport, Bike Riding, Wellbeing, Social, Farm & Nature programs.


We are registered for NDIS, Medicare, Better Access To Mental Health, DSS. Charities such as Anglicare and Ozchild and other not for profit organisations have funded packages for eligible clients.

Our Services

We follow a professional therapy process which includes assessment, therapy and review.  We review children’s goals and needs at the end of each term to make sure we are on the right path and adjust to each individual child’s requirements in a timely manner.

Our range of individual and group programs have been designed to utilise neurodiversity affirming therapy and evidence-based practises. At Barefoot we love working outside, including animal assisted therapies, gardening and farm-based opportunities. The clients and their families love it too! There is evidence that including the outdoors and animals can improve engagement and anxiety management in children.

Occupational Therapists

Speech Pathologists


Equine and Animal-Assisted Therapists

Food Learning Clinic


Art Therapy

Group Therapy

Individual & Group Programs

Our range of individual and group programs have been designed to utilise evidence based practice and traditional wellbeing therapies. We have a range of unique services designed to meet your child’s specific strengths and interests. We love working outside, including animals and farm based opportunities, and the kids love it too. There is evidence that including the outdoors and animals can improve engagement and anxiety management in children.

Our Philosophy is to provide clinical expertise, using child focused activities in friendly environments, to support children to meet their therapy goals. We are a neurodiversity affirming clinic which means that our therapies are not focussed on making children appear ‘normal’ or masking their true self. We value helping children discover who they are and embracing their uniqueness while supporting them to meet goals that are important to them. We are welcoming of all genders, sexualities and neurotypes.

Barefoot Therapists

We promote a model of care across our organisation which is child centred and family sensitive.

Our Location

We are located at 1/16 Henry Wilson Drive, Rosebud (on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula) and Gadara Farm in Boneo.

Programs / Therapies

We offer Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Dietetics, Equine & Animal Assisted Therapies, Food Learning Programs & Groups

Our Animals

Barefoot has the honour of working with some amazing animals all of who have different personalities and strengths.