Termly Review

At the end of the term, a goal review session will be booked in with the parent and therapist.

The client’s progress towards their goals and any changes in their therapy needs are discussed and the therapist will make a recommendation for therapy for the following term.

Therapists will always discuss and plan consolidation breaks with you and your child. They may include having a break for a school term, or extending out the time period between sessions. The decision to have a consolidation break is based on therapists’ clinical decision making and the identified therapy needs of your child

Continue Therapy

Continue with therapy program as recommended by the therapist/s. This may look the same as the previous term or may be different, depending on the child’s therapy needs.


Break for consolidation

• Extra time for you and your child to practice & consolidate skills away from sessions

• Time to follow up recommendations or specialist referrals

• Enabling your child to have a break from therapy so they have the opportunity to engage in other meaningful activities


Follow up Review Appointment

After 3, 6, 9 or 12 months we will meet to review the progress. At this point your child may return to our programs, be discharged and/or referred to another service.