Our Barefoot Culture

How We Deliver

We have the highest standards around how we deliver services and programs.

Centre-based sessions are available for individual children, families and groups. These are developed around childhood interests and can include an indoor/outdoor program utilising our art room, kitchen, nature and garden environments as well as animal assisted dog therapy.

Our Farm Program at Gadara Farm follows Green Care and a Care Farm model of health service delivery. This includes outdoor farm skills, nature, environmental as well as animal/equine assisted therapy run by a qualified therapeutic teacher, registered occupational therapists & speech pathologists who all have additional training in including animals in clinical practice. Individual children, families and group programs are run at the farm because research has shown that we can more easily improve engagement and anxiety management for some participants in this setting.

The farm is run so that the kids can run the farm.


• Evidence based practice tailored to clients
• Open expectations of children’s potential
• Community connectedness
• Collaborative team

Our Delivery

• Positive relaxed environment
• Non clinical feel with clinical expertise
• High quality service
• One stop therapy service


• Holistic – seeing the whole person
• Empowering individuals
• Family centred
• Compassionate, kind and friendly

Our Promise

• Adaptable and responsive
• Progressive and flexible
• Innovative & Forward thinking
• Natural and earthy
• Positive journey from admission to discharge

The origins of Barefoot Therapists

Sarah Munn started Barefoot Therapists as Barefoot OT Pty Ltd in 2012 when she faced challenges with finding suitable services for her young children while living on the Mornington Peninsula. As a mother of 2 children who have additional needs, Sarah understands the challenges and celebrations many of our families face, from the frustrations of navigating services to the joy of achieving important life goals. Today the practice has grown, but the foundations remain strong in empowering families and giving children a say in their own progress.

Sarah has walked barefoot in many of her families footsteps which makes Barefoot Therapists a unique service to partner with if you are a parent, carer or educational setting. Sarah’s vision was to provide services which placed valuing her clients at the centre of decision making, from a positive environment, to empathetic and skilful therapists. Sarah built her team with this vision in mind, bringing you Barefoot Therapists as it is today.

Barefoot Therapists

We promote a model of care across our organisation which is child centred and family sensitive.

Our Location

We are located at 1/16 Henry Wilson Drive, Rosebud (on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula) and Gadara Farm in Boneo.

Programs / Therapies

We offer Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Dietetics, Equine & Animal Assisted Therapies, Food Learning Programs & Groups

Our Animals

Barefoot has the honour of working with some amazing animals all of who have different personalities and strengths.