Food Learning Program

Food Learning Program

Uniquely designed by Barefoot and based on clinical evidence, this program is for children with eating challenges. Throughout this popular program your child and family are supported by a team of professionals including a Speech Pathologist, an Occupational Therapist and a Dietitian who work with your family over 10 weeks to target your specific concerns around your child’s eating.

The Food Learning program addresses:

Your child’s specific eating challenges

for example:
• Challenges with the sensory properties of food e.g.,  smell, taste, texture
• Poor oral motor skills making chewing difficult and laborious
• Poor core stability and control
• Difficulty remaining or coming to the table to eat
• Difficulty using cutlery
• Meltdowns at mealtimes
• Food refusal
• Rigidity around food (e.g. only eating from a specific bowl or packet)
• Anxiety at mealtimes or around food

Your child’s nutritional and caloric intake to support adequate growth and nutrition

Parent and caregiver understanding about the eating difficulties the child experiences

Positive mealtimes to support family wellbeing

Strategies and support to continue development in this area at home

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