Our Animals


Born: 7th April 2000

Breed: Miniature Horse
Height: 8 hands


  • Being massaged
  • Groomed
  • Her breakfast


  • Doing too much exercise and being told what to do

Fun Facts:

  • Cherry has a ‘you can’t make me attitude’ and likes being cheeky
  • Original name was ‘Merrilegs Cherry Blossom’

Barefoot Therapists

We promote a model of care across our organisation which is child centred and family sensitive.

Our Location

We are located at 1/16 Henry Wilson Drive, Rosebud (on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula) and Gadara Farm in Boneo.

Programs / Therapies

We offer Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Dietetics, Equine & Animal Assisted Therapies, Food Learning Programs & Groups

Our Animals

Barefoot has the honour of working with some amazing animals all of who have different personalities and strengths.